Cancun Trip + Vacay Must Haves

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Cancun last month for my best friend’s bachelorette. I went to Cancun last year with my sisters and this time around I was more prepared with what to expect and what I should bring along with me.

Before I get started on reminiscing about my vacation, let’s get into the essentials:


Sneakers/sandals/flip flops

Sunglasses/Floppy hat



Cute swimsuits

Portable charger

I wish I can say that I didn’t overpack or that I packed just what I needed but that would be a lie. I had several outfits that I brought that I didn’t use, more sandals than I even wore and one piece swim suits that I didn’t even get the change to wear. But with every trip, you learn what to bring and what not to bring.

Now to the good part *insert giggle here*

This is the view from our ocean front suite. It was so incredible to walk onto our balcony each morning and have my morning coffee here with the calming sounds of the waves.

This is the view we had leaving our suite. I can’t get over how much I love the buildings and the bright blue skies here.

We went to Xel-Ha and that was where we went snorkeling for the first time! It’s all inclusive food and drinks. There are a bunch of other activities that you can do too. We did ziplining as well.

Who goes snorkeling and doesn’t take a selfie? I had so much fun. At first I forgot that I have to breath through my mouth and ended up having a bunch of water in my mouth. That wasn’t fun but I would definitely go back to snorkel here when I come back in the future.

We swam across the way so that we could go to through this cave. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I definitely recommend visiting this area to take a little break from snorkeling. The water isn’t that deep here and it’s perfect to just relax and enjoy the water.

We did a Cun Crawl, and that’s where you go to 3 different clubs in one night. It was so fun but unfortunately I don’t have too many pictures from the club. The nightlife is pretty crazy and when we headed back to our hotel at around 2:30, the clubs were still going full force and there was a bunch of people out.

If this leaves you wanting more, my vlog from this Cancun trip is up on my youtube channel.


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