About Mish Vlogs


My name is Michelle but I mostly go by Mish. I started to vlog last year and really began to like it so I still make videos on my youtube channel. I recently decided that I should also be blogging. I got into makeup while I was still in college and now I can’t get enough. I’m always looking for new products to try, especially highlights and lipsticks. I also love planners and feel like my life (and my life online) wouldn’t be as organized as it is without them. I’m a definite coffee addict and must have coffee on a daily basis. I love finding cute coffee shops in my area to relax, enjoy my coffee, and edit vlogs. I have a love for food and if you’ve watched my videos, food is generally the center of my vlogs. Food just brings us together whether it’s friends or family. My boyfriend and I go on random adventures too, and I also accompany him while he flies his drones.

I hope you enjoy my blog. Let’s live life together!

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