YouTube end screen?!

Good evening folks. I just spent the past couple of hours on youtube trying to figure out how this whole end screen thing works. I’ve seen it on some of my favorite youtubers and have always wondered how they work!

Once you upload the video, you have options where you can do subtitles, insert cards, adjust audio, etc. Once you go to the end screen/annotations page it gives you a mini tutorial. (It also says you can’t have both end screen and annotations on the same video) You can choose from youtube’s templates or upload your own. Since I’m new to it, I chose a template that has a clickable subscribe and two videos for the viewers to watch next.

Choosing the template that you like is the easiest part. Creating it is what took me a while. I used picmonkey to create it since I don’t have photoshop (I actually use picmonkey for a bunch of things for youtube. I used it for thumbnails for videos, my youtube banner and my watermark on my videos) I wanted the screen to have my social media handles so we can stay connected, so I spent time grabbing social media icons and erasing their background (very tedious lol.) I also included a “subscribe for more” type of thing. The background is the same background I used for my youtube banner (so it all ties together) I don’t think that I’ll be changing the end screen anytime soon. I’ll be using it in my next video after the one that’s going up tomorrow.

Hope this was helpful for you if you’re interested in doing an end screen.