Comic Con vlog + Tips

I can’t believe that I went to my very first Comic Con last week! It was a very fun but tiring experience but I can’t wait to go back next year.

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To be completely honest, I was not even prepared for it. We woke up at 3/4am so that we could make it to our volunteer hours. That’s how we were able to attend. We volunteered for a few hours each day and were free to explore the convention the rest of the day. Once we were let in to the event, the crowds and the lines were crazy. I knew that there would be a ton of people but I didn’t know it would be this huge. People that were dressed up made me jealous that I didn’t have enough time to think of a costume for my boyfriend and I.

If you are planning on going to Comic con next year or any of the popular conventions, here are some tips from my experience:

  1. Wear really comfortable shoes. You will be waiting in alot of lines for a long period of time to buy merchandise, comics, pins, etc. The more comfortable your shoes, the happier your feet will be for the rest of the convention
  2. Bring a jacket. Especially if you plan on camping out of staying until dark. If you aren’t in the actual convention, the AC is cranked up pretty high and I found myself wearing my flannel/jean jacket the whole time that I was there.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask people what they are waiting in line for! On the first day, we were just roaming around and when we wanted to go into certain lines we weren’t sure what they were for or the line was already capped.
  4. Also, don’t be scared to ask people who are dressed up if you can take a picture with them. It’s completely common and most of the time they will. Just don’t touch them or chase after them. There’s a no touch/no running rule at the convention.
  5. BE PREPARED TO SPEND MONEY! There is a lot of goodies there! I thought that I saved enough for our trip because I wouldn’t buy alot but I found a lot of stuff that I wanted and bunch of what I got was exclusive to Comic Con, making it more expensive. Plan your spending accordingly.

Watch my vlog of my trip!


What I Did in June 2017

I’m back from my trip to Mexico and so eager to get back to posting regularly! I’m still working on my Cancun vlog but I’ll be posting it here once that’s ready. In the meantime. enjoy my June vlog!


May VLOG #2

The past couple of weeks I’ve been able to spend some time with my boyfriend since we’ve been having the same days off lately. We didn’t get the same days off before so we definitely take advantage of it.

We found a new hot pot spot in town that has THE CUTEST blue drink: butterfly pea early grey milk tea. The butterfly pea tea gives it the blue color and its very aesthetically pleasing. We also ventured out into Morgan Hill and fell in love with the laid back, small town vibes! I hope you enjoy, like and subscribe so I can share more vlogs with you!

What’s in my bag?

I’m sure you aren’t surprised that my every day bag is a backpack since it’s on trend right now. But this backpack is convertible and I purchased it at Ross before Coachella last month. This is a Multisac convertible backpack with 2 zipper side pockets and a snap closure pocket on the front. It looks so small but I can fit a bunch inside. There’s a zipper pocket inside and two other smaller pockets. Here’s what’s inside:

First thing on the list is my Mini Happy Planner. I am obsessed with planners and have a bunch of different planners in my collection. I chose to bring this one everywhere with me because of how compact it is and it doesn’t hurt that it’s super cute! I normally only have one pen in my bag for work but I also have a bunch of different colored pens that I use in the planner too. I always need sunglasses with me because my eyes are very sensitive to brightness. These have an aviator kind of style with mirrored lenses. Mirrored lenses are perfect for the warmer months and we’re getting lots of sun and blue skies here in the Bay Area. I also have my vlogging camera, Samsung NX Mini. As you can see, it’s a very convenient size to carry around. I have an Apple lightning charging cable and a portable charger by Anker. I’m on my phone so much that it dies a little quicker. I wouldn’t want my phone to die in an emergency situation. I have a blue Michael Kors card holder where I keep the essentials. I have this pale blue Rebecca Minkoff keychain/mini wallet. I put my cash and change here since the card holder is a little snug for it. I can’t go anywhere without my car keys and my bright blue pepper spray makes it easier to find. A girl’s bag isn’t a bag without some makeup items. I have DUO eyelash glue, Maybelline Better Skin powder, Wet n Wild liquid lipstick, Essence make me brow gel, and chapstick.

My bag doesn’t have anything too interesting. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any trash or leftover food in my bag this time. There’s a pocket in the back of the bag that perfectly fits my iPhone 6 Plus. So that’s a plus.


Why do I vlog? ft. my vlogging camera

I’ve always enjoyed watching when my fave youtubers vlog. Also, one of my best friends vlogs and she began telling me that I should use my camera to vlog the next event we were going to (at the time it was Glam Con here in the bay area. Click if you want to see my very first vlog… no music or anything). I decided why not? It doesn’t hurt. From there on, I’ve been trying my best to vlog almost everyday and post some videos each month. I’ve been vlogging for a little over a year now. I’m so proud of myself!

I like to capture my days and share them with whoever is watching. My days are simple. I work, go eat with friends or family, play with makeup, be lazy, go on random adventures with my boyfriend, and celebrate special events when the time comes.


This is the camera that I use. It’s the Samsung NX Mini Mirrorless camera with 9-27mm lens. I also use this Joby Mini Gorillapod while I vlog sometimes too. This camera grabbed my attention mostly because it’s compact and has a flip up screen, which is good for selfies and filming myself while I’m talking. It shoots HD video too and has built-in wi-fi, so I can grab images that I want onto my phone. The only downside is the video isn’t so good at night. But overall, I LOVE THIS CAMERA and I bring it everywhere with me since it’s so cute and small.

May VLOG #1

This month started off with good food, browsing for bridesmaid dresses (we officially ordered last weekend. So excited), celebrating my best friends birthday and mother’s day with my boyfriend’s family since my mom is back in the Philippines.

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