May VLOG #1

This month started off with good food, browsing for bridesmaid dresses (we officially ordered last weekend. So excited), celebrating my best friends birthday and mother’s day with my boyfriend’s family since my mom is back in the Philippines.

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YouTube end screen?!

Good evening folks. I just spent the past couple of hours on youtube trying to figure out how this whole end screen thing works. I’ve seen it on some of my favorite youtubers and have always wondered how they work!

Once you upload the video, you have options where you can do subtitles, insert cards, adjust audio, etc. Once you go to the end screen/annotations page it gives you a mini tutorial. (It also says you can’t have both end screen and annotations on the same video) You can choose from youtube’s templates or upload your own. Since I’m new to it, I chose a template that has a clickable subscribe and two videos for the viewers to watch next.

Choosing the template that you like is the easiest part. Creating it is what took me a while. I used picmonkey to create it since I don’t have photoshop (I actually use picmonkey for a bunch of things for youtube. I used it for thumbnails for videos, my youtube banner and my watermark on my videos) I wanted the screen to have my social media handles so we can stay connected, so I spent time grabbing social media icons and erasing their background (very tedious lol.) I also included a “subscribe for more” type of thing. The background is the same background I used for my youtube banner (so it all ties together) I don’t think that I’ll be changing the end screen anytime soon. I’ll be using it in my next video after the one that’s going up tomorrow.

Hope this was helpful for you if you’re interested in doing an end screen.

Smashbox x Casey Holmes Highlight

I have been trying out the Casey Holmes collab with Smashbox for a couple of weeks. When I was at Ulta, I was so happy that they had it in stock. I decided with Pearl because the Gold palette had a darker bronze shade that I didn’t see myself using. The shades in this palette are highlights that I normally gravitate towards.

I’m used to a more blinding highlight but this is definitely buildable. Even my boyfriend noticed that it was a little more subtle than I’m used to. I see myself wearing this highlight when I’m going for a minimal makeup face on days that I’m at work or running errands. The shades (from left to right) are Turn it on Pearl, Crank it up Pearl, and Blow a fuse Pearl. My fave is Crank it up Pearl.

Subtle everyday glow

This is how the shade “Crank it up Pearl” looks on my cheek. Sorry my big sunnies are in the way but you can see it’s subtle glow. I didn’t do much this day just hung out with friends and ate dinner. So a blinding highlight wasn’t my go to.

Overall, these highlights are ok in my opinion. I find that at the end of the day the highlight has worn off. But it doesn’t emphasize the texture I have on my cheeks like other highlights. So that is a plus for me.

What else happened in April?

Last month seemed like it passed by so quick. By the time I realized I needed to upload my vlog, we were already well into May. But it’s better late than never.

I’m still getting the hang of having a blog so please bare with me. I’ll get better! If you’re interested in seeing how my April was (aside from Coachella) just watch!

Enjoy! And I’ll talk to you soon!

Coachella 2017

Coachella was so much fun this year. Each experience at Coachella is different but nevertheless, it’s always been so much fun! My boyfriend and I decided that it would be our last year, but it might not be the last music festival though. So stay tuned. The best part of Coachella, in my opinion, is feeling carefree and enjoying the food, music and people.

Hope you enjoy this vlog!